Asana Notifications on Cards


Our team has been using Asana as a project board now for 6 months, and something we have noticed across the board is when we create new tasks and someone comments on those tasks or tags someone, those individuals do not get any notification on the cards. Is that normal and does the task itself show a red indicator button or alert on that task so that when they log in to the board, they can see how many tasks they were messaged on?

I would appreciate the feedback or advice.


Yes, that’s expected.

Notifications are generated and they go to each person’s Asana Inbox (and optionally your email, if desired). Your expected to review your notifications in the Asana Inbox where it’s easy to click each one and see without actually having to navigate to the projects themselves; much more efficient.

The number of comments are indicated on cards (3 comments indicated in the screenshot below), but no distinction between read and unread:




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