Show full path, not just immediate parent, for subtasks in search results


I’m wondering if you could extend how search results are currently shown. Right now, most search results are useless as-is (for my team’s setup), because to find out the overall parent-parent task context, I have to click “details” on every single search result.

That is, the one of the premade search options, “Recently Completed Tasks,” with a filter for those I’m a collaborator on, would be a big help for weekly summaries of what I’ve been up to. But instead, the search results (mostly subtasks I’ve done as part of a 2-level-deep task hierarchy) do not tell me which tasks the subtasks ultimately belong too—only their immediate parent. The problem with that is, we use a task template, so all the subtasks and sub-subtasks have the same names across different “main” tasks. I want to be able to see the “main” task name in search results.

There are two ways this could be implemented, and either would work fine:

  1. Show the full hierarchy (X → Y → Z) in the “Task name” search result field, not just “Y → Z” as it currently does.
  2. Have a separate search result field (“Task root,” perhaps?) showing the highest-level parent task (X). (This could be an optional field somehow, as long as that preference can be saved with “Save report.”)

In both cases, a helpful additional feature would be the ability to sort search results by the column containing this information (“Task name” in the case of 1, or “Task root” in the case of 2.)


Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback @Kevin_Bloch :slight_smile:

Hopefully a more in-depth search results list is something our Product team can implement in the future! I’ll keep you posted on any updates on this thread :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Rebecca! The implementation would be even more useful if it applied everywhere, on second thought. For example, I’m noticing it’s also something lacking on Asana’s Inbox page. Can’t wait to have this feature!


It’s cool that this was implemented, thanks! Unfortunately our team had to revert from using it back to cloning a fake template task, because the built-in template way automatically makes adds a collaborator to every single subtask in the hierarchy, making way too many notifications for the manager doing the templating/cloning.

Ah, sorry, forgot I already reported this: be able to remove a collaborator from a whole task hierarchy