Shortcut to "Make subtask of..."

At the moment, “Make a subtask of…” requires 3 clicks:

  1. Advanced options
  2. Make a subtask of...

Could you create a shortcut for this?

I propose: Tab++s

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Hi @Jesus_Iniesta, thanks for providing this feedback!

While we don’t have plans to introduce any new shortcuts right now, hopefully this is something our Product team can work on in the future!

I’'ll keep you posted and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:

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Thank you again, Rebecca! :wink:


Hi Asana team, I was just about to make my own post about this and saw this one. I would love for this to be a shortcut if not a way to move task/subtasks in bulk under a task or subtask. There are a few other forums that are similar to this request, in total there should be about 10 votes or more.

I’m wondering how many votes are needed before you consider a feature suggestion worth formalizing? Thanks for all your hard work!


Yes 100% agree.

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+1 I use this menu item about 25 times a day. Very tedious to access. A shortcut/hotkey is necessary.

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This is one of the most tedious parts of using asana. I am constantly doing this to the point of trying to create bots to do it for me

Hello Asana team. I’m back to offer another idea on creating a shortcut for creating subtasks. Currently, you have tab+shift+enter to convert text into a project briefing. The key word here is “convert” which is now the language being used to create/move subtasks and tasks or subtasks into a project.

Would it be possible to create a shortcut for converting subtasks to being a subtask under another one (or tasks as subtasks of another task) with the shortcut tab+cmd+S?

This would populate the search bar for locating the appropriate task or subtask you want to send the selected subtask(s) to. Is there any way this is possible. please?