Shifts all Dates of Tasks With or W/O Dependencies Within a Project Forward at Once

We temporarily furloughed some employees that we are bringing back. They lost exactly two months on their training projects and I want to shift all due dates forward 60 days. How can I do that? These are HUGE projects and I DO NOT want to shift individually, in small groups, by dragging, etc. I want to shift ALL dates of ALL tasks forward 60 days on these projects. It would be time prohibitive to do otherwise. The only other viable alternative is to delete their current projects and recreate changing start and end dates (they were onboard 2 wks. prior to COVID-19) but that sounds extremely demotivating, since they made so much progress prior to their furlough. If you don’t have this feature yet, I think it is a vital one to create, due to all the people who will be returning to projects after this pandemic. Thanks so much!

Jennifer Smith

Agreed, there should be an easy way. These are the choices:

  1. In timeline, batch select and drag (can do ~30-50 tasks at one time)
  2. Export to Excel, do a formula and some copy/paste, then re-import (test this first to see exactly what gets scrambled or lost because I can guarantee there will be something; can do one project at a time)
  3. …??
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Another idea might be to set the project as a template, then create a new project from that template taking advantage of the ability to auto-shift dates when initially creating a project from a template.

If you do this, though, you’ll want to delete the template after you’re done so you don’t have duplicate tasks - and importantly, before you delete the template you’ll need to unassign all of its tasks (otherwise they’ll still hang around after the template is deleted) - but you can bulk unassign those.