Sharing milestones from one project to another task within another project

Hi everyone,

This seems a bit convuluded and we may be looking at this the wrong way. However, ultimately my organisation has one big project area to indicate all the projects happening within the organisation across teams. This means the tasks in that project are essentially an overview of a team members whole project rather then a straight up shared task. (if that makes sense)

So my query is, how can I copy a milestone from my project area into a specific task in another project area (like a subtask?) I have seen that I can go into advanced options and make the milestone ‘a subtask of’ but then the milestone disappears from it’s original project space…?

Any ideas on how to do the above or other ways to achieve the outcome we are looking for?

Hi @Laura_P,

I think I understand–some call that (unofficially) a “master” project–kind of a project of projects instead of a project of tasks.

Have you considering multi-homing (adding to more than one project) the milestone into both your project and the master one? Then the same milestone appears in two places; any change in either will affect the other.

More info here:

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