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I have all of my high-level project due dates in one editorial board. If I go to the calendar view, its a perfect snapshot of my editorial calendar. The trouble is sharing this with my boss. He doesn’t want an Asana account, he just wants to see the calendar view. If I export, it exports all the subtasks, which is not what he needs to see. If I print, the color coding that I have for newsletters, blog posts, etc. disappears. How have others tackled this?

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Hi @Heather_Harmon. I’m in a similar boat. My supervisor doesn’t want to use Asana.
There are a lot of pros and cons to using subtasks and this is one of the cons. Personally, I rarely use subtasks. Instead, I create subtasks as indented tasks on a list-style project.

Here’s a great thread on them: To Subtask or not to Subtask

In terms of printing, I don’t do a lot of it, but all my printing has resulted in black & white, simplistic docs. Someone with more experience may have more helpful info here.

Three solutions:

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@Heather_Harmon, I’m not sure if this is practical for you, but it may be the easiest approach: How about sending him a screenshot of the calendar view, which sounds like just what he wants?

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Hi @Heather_Harmon you could also sync this project with a Google or Outlook calendar? This would allow your boss to see this calendar without using Asana!

I have tried that, but again, the coler-coding doesn’t stay and all of the subtasks also import. I want the color-coded high-level projects to show on a calendar view. Taking a screenshot doesn’t work well, because they are very hard to see and you have to print one for each month or every few weeks.

Did anyone ever answer this one? I am looking for the same with the editorial calendar. I do not need subtasks.

I’m also looking for a solution to this. Our situation is that we have multiple marketing folks adding webinars to a master webinar calendar. We want to share the calendar internally to the entire sales team (who don’t have Asana access).

The marketing team all add their webinars to a master calendar. Some people manage webinars in individual projects, so only add a high level (single task) to this master calendar. Others share their main webinar task to this project, but keep all of their subtasks under their main webinar task within a larger project (like a campaign or field team project).

I’ve figured out how to sync with an Outlook calendar, but it pulls in all of the subtasks. I’d love this functionality if only it didn’t pull in all of the subtasks.

Has anyone come up with a solution for this?

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Amy news on this. Sharing Calendars in outlook to Sale is what we need but it includes subtasks…