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I have all of my high-level project due dates in one editorial board. If I go to the calendar view, its a perfect snapshot of my editorial calendar. The trouble is sharing this with my boss. He doesn’t want an Asana account, he just wants to see the calendar view. If I export, it exports all the subtasks, which is not what he needs to see. If I print, the color coding that I have for newsletters, blog posts, etc. disappears. How have others tackled this?


Hi @Heather_Harmon. I’m in a similar boat. My supervisor doesn’t want to use Asana.
There are a lot of pros and cons to using subtasks and this is one of the cons. Personally, I rarely use subtasks. Instead, I create subtasks as indented tasks on a list-style project.

Here’s a great thread on them: To Subtask or not to Subtask

In terms of printing, I don’t do a lot of it, but all my printing has resulted in black & white, simplistic docs. Someone with more experience may have more helpful info here.


Three solutions:

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@Heather_Harmon, I’m not sure if this is practical for you, but it may be the easiest approach: How about sending him a screenshot of the calendar view, which sounds like just what he wants?

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Hi @Heather_Harmon you could also sync this project with a Google or Outlook calendar? This would allow your boss to see this calendar without using Asana!


I have tried that, but again, the coler-coding doesn’t stay and all of the subtasks also import. I want the color-coded high-level projects to show on a calendar view. Taking a screenshot doesn’t work well, because they are very hard to see and you have to print one for each month or every few weeks.