How to Publicly Share a Calendar Over Task Limit

Hello All,

I work for an organization that runs lots of events throughout the year, 200-300 before I add in normal holidays for reference. I’ve created an events project that includes an approval workflow. It’s on a paid license, but only a few people should be able to edit.

I need:
-A non-editable year-long calendar view of all incomplete tasks in a projects
-Color coding to be retained
-Responsiveness to added/removed/updated tasks
-No Asana login needed to view

Things I’ve tried, with their limitations:

Outlook and Google Calendar Integrations
Result: in both calendars Asana updates are infrequent or non-existent. If a task is removed in Asana it may never leave the integrated calendars. Edits to tasks do not migrate. Color coding does not migrate. Tickets to Asana just say “it takes a while to update”.

Public-Sharing Calendar Option in Asana
Result: it works great until I hit the task limit of 250. I can’t show a full year of tasks in the public calendar. Ticket submitted to Asana confirms no workaround for showing more tasks.

Asana2Go Chrome Extension
Result: no calendar view available

Project Buddy / Rediapps
Result: no color coding, but initially worked well. However, the 2-way integration caused a data feedback loop that permanently changed the dates of all tasks. Rediapps support stopped responding and did not fix my data (I don’t recommend the app).

Project > Export/Print > Print
Result: color coding lost. Can’t print more than 3 months at a time, no matter how many tasks I select. Difficult to read.

Printing an Actual Screenshot
Result: massive use of time to screen shot and format 12 months weekly. Not a responsive method to any changes. Difficult to read.

Does anyone have any ideas? I basically just want the public calendar view without the task limit.

Wow this is very thorough. No other idea sorry…

Hi @Melissa_Hill , can you confirm how you reached this number? I tried recreating this limit in several ways and managed to hit the limit at only 100 tasks. So I’m curious… :thinking:

Regarding your issue, the closest workaround I can recommend is using Instagantt, which unfortunately just answers half of your brief; it is a timeline view, not a calendar and it currently does not retain your colour coding (but you can re-colour code within Instagantt as you please). Note it is free to use for up to 3 projects.

Alternatively, you could invite people to your Asana project as comment only members so they don’t have any Edit rights. If ‘No Asana login’ is an issue due to paying for more seats, you could add people to your Asana project as Guests instead. :person_shrugging:

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