How do I make an Asana Calendar viewable to the public?

We have an organization-wide Master Calendar in Asana that we would like to pull into our intranet. We followed the instructions located here to sync to a Google Calendar, but when we pull it onto our Wordpress Intranet site, none of the events are displayed because the tasks are locked down within our organization in Asana. How do we get these tasks/events to be displayed on our Intranet?

The Intranet itself will be locked down to users only in our own organization, so we don’t really want to share the events with the world, but we want them to display on the intranet website.

Any ideas?

I am surprised, I would believe that once you sync that calendar with Google Calendar, you would be able to give access to that calendar to anyone. Don’t you? :thinking: Maybe @Julien_RENAUD you have some idea?

We thought so, too. The calendar in Google is public, so anyone should be able to see it, but since the events are linked to Asana (it’s a feed, not a copy), then they aren’t visible due to permissions (I assume).

@Marie can you confirm that is the case?

Hi all,

It is indeed possible to sync your project with Google, but although you can link you Google Calendar to your Wordpress Intranet site, Asana tasks won’t carry over in your Intranet site.

I’m not a Wordpress expert, but you may be able to connect it with your Asana using Zapier or another 3rd party integration?

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@Marie will using a zap actually show tasks to our entire team?

Here’s a visual of what we want to do.