Marketing Calendar For Public Use

Apologies if there is an article on this and I didn’t find it in my search. I want to be able to create a marketing calendar with Asana that my sales and executive teams can look at to see the various activities we’ve got scheduled. They don’t need to use it to manage tasks, just see what’s happening on a specific date and get some details by clicking on the event. The problem is that none of them are Asana users and won’t react well to having to set up new accounts and access a new tool. Any ideas?

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Hello @Aaron_Charlesworth

You can export your project to Google Calendar, Outlook, iCal or other calendar solution.

Here you have the steps.

All the best from Barcelona

@JMartinez I’m in a similar–but different–situation :slight_smile: Our entire team uses Asana, and we want to embed our master calendar on our intranet for easy viewing. Everyone can see all details in Asana. However, when I follow the instructions to sync to Google Calendar, I made it public, but it says “Anyone can…See nothing”. When I embed in our site, it shows the calendar, but no tasks. Looks like the link uses my Asana user ID, so how can we work around this?

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Hi @Peter_Turgeon, it is probably worth following a similar thread discussion here: How do I make an Asana Calendar viewable to the public?

Ha! Thanks @Bernie_Orelup, that’s my co-worker, we didn’t realize we were both asking the same question.

Did you ever get this resolved to your satisfaction? I have the exact same need. Thanks!

I also have the same use case. I can create a new calendar from Internet within Outlook, but don’t have the ability to share that calendar out to specific individual’s within the organization.