Sharing Asana project using SharePoint

I see that there is plenty of cross functionality between Asana and SharePoint. However, I’m not quite finding what I need. I work in marketing and put together a content calendar. I need to share it with employees who don’t have an Asana account. Because our intranet runs on SharePoint, I was hoping to link the content calendar to our intranet. Can this be done?

Hi @Adam_Ulbricht, welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

You can sync any project, tag, or My Tasks list to an external calendar. This option is currently available for Google, Apple and Outlook Calendar. However, Asana tasks won’t carry over in your Intranet site.

I also suggest you to have a look at this thread with more information about a similar question: How do I make an Asana Calendar viewable to the public?

I hope this helps!