Embedding key project info from Asana in a page on a SharePoint website

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to come up with a way that I can display some key project overview information from Asana on a Sharepoint web page.

Most desired:

  • show a list of Milestones with task name and due date. We want to have an automatically updating schedule/timeline.
  • show the status updates

Would be nice

  • dashboard widgets

I’ve tried playing with the.ics link from the Asana project, but can’t seem to make it work. You can’t import .ics files into a SharePoint group calendar. Even if you could, I only want milestones to show up.

I tried setting up a Power automate flow that monitored a personal calendar I set up to use the .ics file and then create entries in a SharePoint list. But I don’t see a way to limit it only to milestones. And I don’t see a way to keep it updated/synced.

Any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!


I don’t have answers for you, but am also looking to be able to embed Asana Dashboards onto a SharePoint page for our customers/staff to see project progress.

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I’m just rebuilding our sharepoint intranet page now, and would love to intergrate the goals into a page. There doesn’t seem to be any connectors for it.

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Im looking for a way to do this too!. I havent tried this yet but I’m thinking of using Power Automate + Sharepoint List + Asana.

In Power Automate, I will create a flow that pulls new tasks from a project in Asana and deposits it in a sharepoint list (create new item or update existing one).

There needs to be a unique identifier for this to happen correctly.

This will run once a day. If i try this and it works, ill update this reply. :slightly_smiling_face:


I haven’t tried that, good idea. I was going to get it to do a snapshot, but Id love something live rather than just an image.

This is exactly what I need to do.
I have an automation running between JIRA and Asana using Unito and I want to take that view as a board and display it in SharePoint to keep stakeholders up to date on feature builds. I don’t have enough time to manage something outside of my process flow.
Asana does not allow the use of the url or offer any embed code options.
Please, please make this possible.


Its interesting because there is a webpart for Asana that appears in SharePoint but after logging in to connect it does nothing.


+100 for the embed capability to Sharepoint. I would love the embed Portfolio Timelines into Sharepoint so that each of our Depts (and Execs/all Stakeholders) can see the high-level view of what departments are working on over a timeline with the nice status (On-track, etc.) under the title.


Chiming in to say I would also like to embed project with a public sharing link in sharepoint! And same as someone mentioned above, there is a ‘connector’ available for Asana but absolutely nothing happens when I input my login credentials and sharepoint attempts to load up the connector.


Yes, this feature is needed for us also