Integrating Asana Projects To Google Calendar

I was looking to integrate all of our open projects to a team google calendar so everyone will know what is coming up and get notifications. I read up on how to export a project, however I am not given the option when I hover over more options on a project (aka there is no export option). We do not currently have premium- Is that something you need to do so?

What you are showing is a task, not a project.

To export a project, click the down carrot next to the project name


Do new projects automatically sync to the calendar?

No @Katie_Mooneyham you will need to manually set them to Sync.


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To add to @Jason_Woods 's answer, each project will have its own calendar. However your My Tasks view calendar will be always in sync (well after a couple of minutes/hours sometimes ^^)

@Katie_Mooneyham Unito supports an automated 2-way sync from Asana to Google Calendar.

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