Asana and Google Calendar

We are using Asana to track our grants. I want to connect with our google calendar. I asked support and they said you cannot mass connect your projects to the calendar. Any one have any ideas? Currently each individual project creates a link-which currently I have 25 “projects”-each is a different grant. If I export it just takes the due date off there, which then I have to individually add each of these grants. I just want to show on our calendar when the grant applications and reports are due. This seems like a convoluted mess instead of simplifying.

Hello @Amanda_Buttray-Hoovl welcome to the Asana Community Forum!

If you refer to having to connect various projects separate to Google Calendar how about creating a rule to multi-home all tasks from different projects into one and only this one is connected to Google Calendar?

That means though you have to still set up rules in every project so probably the same work effort.

Another option is looking into using an extension or app. Such as Project Buddy Based on their info you should be able to just connect all projects.

I hope that helps :slight_smile:

That is yet another service to pay for?
We are small non profit (5 employees). It seems to me it should be something Asana does as the whole idea is that it makes work easier.

I understand. Then I am afraid you’d have to connect it via each of the projects. The good thing is once connected you won’t have to do it again.
If you expect to have more such projects in the future what I can think of is setting up a project template with rules so all tasks always get multihomed in the special project that you have connected to your google calendar.

I have created a template to use for my grants. So that would be helpful maybe? How do I add the rules?

Have a look here: Using New Project Templates | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

When you created the project template in the customize menu you will be able to add rules.
One rule could be all tasks added to this project are automatically added to another project (the one project you have connected to your Google calendar)