Integrating Asana with Google Cal or any other Calendar with filters


I apologize ahead of time if this is not the correct place to post the question. I was led here after your fantastic workshop on workflows today.

I am looking to integrate Asana and Google Cal or any other Cal. Today it is possible, but there is no way to filter any information that gets pushed to Google Cal. For example, we track all events and tradeshows for our company using a project board, and each event is represented by a task nested inside. Unfortunately, when I integrate Google Cal currently, it will pull everything from Descriptions, Subtasks, etc.

Is there a way to integrate the board and choose what information gets pushed to Google Cal? I think this solution should be similar to when you duplicate a project board and Asana asks you if you want to copy everything or only the tasks, subtasks, comments, etc.

Before you spend too much time on any filtering, I would encourage you to check and see if even the basic Asana <> Google Cal functioning works correctly for you. Check for: 1) timely synching, 2) 2-way synching, 3) comprehensive synching (all incomplete Tasks).

Many people have reported issues with synching, and I believe most or all have given up this effort. Asana indicates that any issue is on Google’s side, and perhaps that’s right, but OTOH it would not easily explain the behavior I’ve seen. More here: Show task due time in Google Calendar - #44 by Stephanie_Oberg


@Aaron_Nguyen how about using an Asana rule to multi-home certain types of events to another project (eg. based on event-type) and pushing only the events from that project to Google Cal. You wouldn’t really need to use that other project, it could just be a means to an end. I definitely agree that there seem to be some stability issues with any Google Cal integration though. Otherwise, is there a 3rd tool you use for scheduling the events you want to sync to Google? I use calendly to populate my Google Calendar and sync those events using Zapier.

Thanks for the information.

We have it synced currently, and it works (timely, 2-way, comprehensive). There is no issue on my end, even after reading the other thread on others having problems with integrations.

Thanks for the advice! I have not explored any 3rd party tools to achieve my goal, but my current solution is similar to what you stated.

I duplicated the entire project board with only the information I wanted to push to Google Cal. I had then created rules between both boards so that the management of the secondary board was minimal and not redundant when I was updating the primary board. This solution works for the time being, but there are setbacks and complexities.

That’s great to hear! I may try my set up again, perhaps there is some new bug fix operative that was not announced. I appreciate the data point.

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You may want to look into an automated solution to resolve your issue so you don’t have to manage each board manually. I know you mentioned not having explored 3rd party tools, but Unito supports Asana - Google Calendar with a 2-way sync (as opposed to 1-way native integration). Once the workflow is set up, it’s pretty much hands off.