Share Projects Across Workspaces/Org for Work Management

Upvote! This would make working with different organisations so much easier!


Added my vote, and just backing up everything being said here! If I’m working with vendors or customers who already have their own Asana accounts, I should be able to manage only one set of “My Tasks” to keep up with everything. The way it works now, separating by org, is just ASKING for things to be missed. I have to set up a recurring task in my MAIN org to go check the other orgs in which I’m a ‘guest’ user, but then remember to switch back to my main org for most of my daily work. I use desktop Asana, and have enough browser tabs open all the time that I don’t need to add 4+ Asana tabs to it. Just let me see ALL of my to-dos in one place! :slight_smile: