Share a project between two organizations

Is it possible to share a project between two organizations, each of them using their own Asana instance?


Nope, not possible. Each org is separate.

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Can you share more about what you are hoping to accomplish? Depending on who needs to see the project you could probably add someone from another organization as a guest, but they would need to use a personal email if there business email is already attached to an Asana organization account. If you are looking to migrate projects from one account to another account you would need a third party integration to do this (


Our company (Company A) is running a joint project together with a partner company (Company B). Both of the companies have their own Asana subscriptions. Now, we would like to use Asana to track the joint activities for this specific project, so in the ideal scenario people from both companies should be able to:

  • manage tasks in the shared Asana project (and add them to other projects specific to the companies, for example a specific shared task might have to be added to a marketing team’s project in the Company A)
  • see the tasks from the shared Asana project in their own Asana instance.

If the users from the company A would b added as guest users to the company B’s project, they would have to keep an overview of two separate Asana accounts, which seems like a pain.


@Dace thanks for the reply. @lpb @Marie @LEGGO @Phil_Seeman any ideas?

I think this is the only solution; choose one org among the two to host the projects…


I agree that one primary organization should be chosen.

But perhaps it would help to set up limited rules ( to act as notifications by adding tasks into the secondary organization so key activity could be tracked directly in the those users main org so they could receive Inbox notifications in their main org alerting them to activity.

I often have browser tabs/windows permanently open in more than one org at a time when I have to work in two orgs at once for periods.


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I was afraid of it. We’ll have to find a way around it (or just decide which of the two orgs is ready to give in :smiley:)

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I’ve spent most of 2019 with two Asana instances opened on the same browser. Typically I would have 2-3 tabs opened for the Asana Org and one tab for my private Workspace (which I used to organize my wedding)!

Technically speaking, I rarely ran into any issues and being able to have the two instances opened simultaneously made the switch very easy! With that said, you still need to navigate two My Tasks and two Inbox! @Dace if this is a temporary situation I think it is totally manageable to choose one Org and invite the other as Guests!

And if you haven’t yet, you can add your vote to the following threads:

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I am part of more than 20 :grimacing:


R.E.S.P.E.C.T :raised_hands:

It’s not just about having to keep several tabs open, but also not being able to add tasks to projects across organizations without having to duplicate them.


@Marie Congratulations to you and your private Workspace guest. He is one lucky man. I am sure you are as nice to him, as you are to your us in this forum.

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Thank you @Michael_C_Kring :heart:

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Has anyone found a solution to this? I’ve been trying to find a way to sync, a Team ideally, but have been resigned to see if I can sync just a single Project between two companies.

My current guess is to use Zapier, ZZZbots, or some other API workaround?

I think is another external app that can do that, might want to add that to your exploration.


Hey team - has there not been a solution to this issue yet? We deal with this challenge all the time.

We haven’t heard anything @Shelly_Hughes . Would you consider a solution if it was coded by a 3rd party?

Go vote on this! Share Projects Across Workspaces/Org for Work Management
But sadly I doubt this will be built any time soon because it pierces the separation between tenants that is a key foundation of security.
FWIW, as far as I’ve researched, there are few pm platforms that allow this except Trello. Monday, Wrike, Basecamp do not support sharing one project across two different accounts either :frowning:

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Yes, exactly. Additionally there are even issues of physical separation of data in different data centers which would make sharing between workspaces/accounts sometimes more difficult.

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