Connecting my org's Asana setup with a project from another org?

My organization uses Asana. For the first time, I’ve been shared on a project by an outside consultant. Right now, I can’t see the consulting project in the browser tab where I see all of the Asana projects from my organization.

How can I add the consulting project as another one in the list of my org’s projects?

All of my searches have shown how to do to invite or add people to projects, but nothing shows what to do as the recipient.

Thank you!

Hi @Roberta_Ritvo

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Unfortunately you can’t see another organisation project in another organisation.

Have a look at these few post in community posts.

Hope this helps…



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Thank you for the links. “yourself in multiple organizations” is not a search term I would have come up with!

This seems like a shortcoming of Asana from an individual user perspective. It’s my responsibility to manage all of my tasks, no matter whether they come from my organization or someone I’m partnering with who is from another one. The fact that I can’t see everything in one My Tasks list is frustrating and limiting.

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