Multiple organisations


Hello. I have recently signed up into an organisation using a domain email address and I really like Asana. I’m self employed and so I work for multiple organisations whom I believe could benefit from Asana. Is it possible to be a member of multiple organisations with Asana? Would I have to sign up using a personal email address and then be joined to multiple organisations? I would like to use Asana personally for my own company but I do not want the other organisation members to see my projects or tasks. Is this possible?


Yes, it is possible to be a member of multiple organizations. You can have an Asana personal account in addition to your domain but it is not necessarily required. If someone invites you to their Asana organization it will show up in your top right hand corner and you can switch to their organization and see items that they allow you to see. In turn when you let somebody join your organization there is a great deal of flexibility as to what you allow them to see. There are many posts in the community on this. Here is one of a number of references in the Asana Guide You can actually limit what you allow a person to see down to the task level if you choose.


Hi @Nikki_Barlow! You might also be interested in this article from our Guide: :slight_smile:


I don’t get this, why does Asana automatically created a domain when we sign up, how do we delete it?


HI @Jeff_Rufino, if you wish to remove your email domain from Asana I would advise you to reach out directly to our support team; they’ll be able to assist you with that: > “I’m having trouble with” > Scroll down to “Let’s chat”.