Newbie Trying to Get Traction- Multiple Organizations as an Administrator

Hello, I am just starting with Asana and need to get basics going asap. There are no users of Asana in my two Organizations other than me.

I am the single employee of one Organization (not my own business) and I look forward to adding others to this Organization in the mid-distant future.

The other Organization is my own business where I hope to have Business and Personal workspaces.

Is there a way I can either:
Sign in and use each Organization at the same time with separate browser tabs?
Sign in and use each Organization at the same time with a toggle on my Profile?

It seems like the guidance/support does not speak to being the Administrator/Owner of two separate Organizations regarding adding additional emails (this doesn’t seem to be available on my Profile).
Thank you.

Hey @Jamay_Gotelli,

welcome to the community :partying_face:

If you go to your profile settings > From email
you can add your other emails. Then once confirmed you can switch organizations easily via the avatar on the top.

Also have a look at this post from Marie as I think it might be helpful: Multiple account switching - #6 by Marie

And yes I personally have different Asana organizations opened at the same time via the browser in two tabs.

Btw here is a thread about this topic as well: Switching between companies without opening new windows - #49 by Gianni_Liburdi

Hope that helps :slight_smile:

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Whew! I think I got it. And I can see that the searches I had done provided similar guidance so thank you for the extra boost.

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