Any way to have multiple instances of the Asana desktop app running for organizations and workspaces under different email addresses?

Quick Question. I primarily use the Asana Desktop App. I have two separate asana accounts. My main personal email which I have a few workspaces and I know I can open multiple instances of the asana desktop app for all those fine.

However, I joined a new company and have a company email and created an organization for our company using my work email.

Is there any way to have the asana desktop app open for both of these accounts since they are completely separate accounts??


I am interested as well. I believe it is not possible, and for now I had to rely on having Chrome for my secondary account.


I am also intersted in this facility - I would prefer to use the desktop app as well.

At minimum, you can do this by opening a Private/Incognito window in your browser, to separate the logins and their associated cookies.

Use the native desktop app for one account. Then open the other account in Edge browser > click “…” in upper-right > click Apps > click Install this site as an app. You can add to Taskbar, Start menu, Desktop shortcut and Auto-start on login.

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