How to switch accounts in Windows app

I can switch on the mobile app, but not on my Windows desktop. Any ideas how to do this? I can’t find any way to do it.

Hi @JimMcLaughlin thanks for posting and welcome to the forum.
If by ‘switch accounts’ you mean switch between instances, you can click on your face on the top right hand corner and it should show all accounts you are a part of.

My app doesn’t do that.

Hi @JimMcLaughlin , it seems you have not ‘merged’ your two Asana accounts. You can switch between accounts on mobile, thanks to a new feature that was recently launched so users no longer need to sign out and sign back in again with their other account.

By merging your accounts, means you will see both Asana instances in your profile menu dropdown, as @Danielle-GenD correctly described above. It also means that you can log into Asana with either email address of your two accounts but instead will be using the same password. i.e. one Asana account for both instances.

If you are sure that is what you want, then go to your My Settings > Email forwarding > Add new email (in the lower left) , Reauthenticate (log in again) and type the email address of your other Asana instance you want to merge together. It doesn’t matter which instance you are logged in at the time you do this, the result will be the same.


I don’t think merging is what I’m after. I have two organizations that I need to manage with Asana. I can’t cross access between them, but I should be able to switch accounts on the Windows app, as I do on the mobile app. I’m still unable to find any means for doing so.

Hi Jim,

Can you not switch here if you click on your face/initials?

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@JimMcLaughlin , merging your email accounts only means you will have the ability to access both using one Asana account. Your Asana instances (orgs/workspaces) will remain separate as you can see in @Danielle-GenD 's screenshot, where you will be able to switch instances easily.

In case this is your concern, you will still have a separate profile, Inbox, My tasks etc in each instance - they will not be merged.

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Yes, that’s how the app works. Good to know there’s no overlap, and I CAN switch accounts on the mobile app, but I still cannot switch on the desktop app. Seems like a future feature.

I cannot.

@Jim_McLaughlin , it’s not a future release, you can enable this now if you follow my instructions above. :slight_smile:

Done, but that is a strange way to do this, and it required a reset to both passwords.