App not syncing with my account (same email two separate accounts)

hey guys my app and my laptop show two different accounts even though it’s the same email. how can I sync the two so that my tasks will show on my app?

I am guessing your email is linked to two accounts as you say, and the webapp and mobile app just don’t pull up the same account by default. By clicking on your profile picture in the webapp you can choose another account. The same feature exists on the mobile app.

Does it help?


@Elisha_Jancik and @Bastien_Siebman,

One minor, but key, point of clarification:

I think it’s better to use the term that you have a single account with Asana, and you are a member of multiple workspaces/organizations.

As Bastien mentions you can choose which one to be shown in your mobile app, and for each desktop browser tab/window, you can choose which one to show.

To add to the confusion, you can also combine multiple email addresses into the same Asana account, should you need to.



Ah that fixed it … thanks guys!