Switching Between Multiple Asana Accounts in iOS



I have 2 Asana accounts using unique email addresses. One for my work, another for a client, which that email is used twice for different Workspace.

In a web browser, I can easily switch between Workspaces.

I want to switch between accounts (emails) in the iOS app like I can with the Twitter app.

Is this possible?


Yes, top left corner


Yes, I was there, however, I do not see a place to Add New Account or something similar from the gear dropdown.


You don’t have new accounts from the app. Whatever account that you are signed in as through the app is the apps main account but if you are a member or guest of any other organization or workspace it will show up in your app.


I have two email accounts; one for my Asana, and another for a clients Asana. is there a way to switch between then using the app without signing out and back in?


At this point, no you’ll need log out and back in again. You might consider migrating all the information to one account with different orgs or workspaces in order to make things a bit easier.


Can this be added to feature requests? Thanks!


I also have 2 accounts for 2 different organizations, would it be possible to add one organization to the other with adding a secondary email? I don’t like signing out and back in but I don’t want to merge both organization’s projects.


I have the same problem.


A workaround in the meantime is to open the other organization’s Asana in an incognito tab on your browser.


I have the same problem. I have an account with my work email and an account with my personal email and it takes a ton of time to switch them in the iOS app.

Gmail has a drop down that lets you change accounts with a click or two, I’d love to see that


I also have 2 Asana accounts for different organizations, each with a unique email address. I’d be interested to see an account switch feature in the iOS app similar to google. Also, this might be an iOS limitation, but if notifications (the number in the little red circle) could be displayed for both accounts simulatneously in different corners of the iOS Asana app when on the homescreen, that would be a cool feature. It’s a great app, though. Really like it.


Same problem - use asana in different workplaces with different emails. Please add new feature!!!


Same. Upvote if anybody at Asana is listening. Thanks


I understand that merging email accounts is the recommended solution but I would like to keep my work and personal accounts separate.

This is a common feature among productivity and social apps- the Google suite, Slack, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Please add this feature. Thank you.


+1 please


+1 on the ability to easily switch between accounts



Please, please, please make this request a reality. I need notifications from my full time job more than my freelance business, but I’d be an easy upsell for my freelance business if this was a feature.

I have to imagine there’s a strong business case for this feature as you’ll have wider product adoption and subsequent new customers. It’s definitely a selling point. It’s becoming the standard in how we interact with applications. Fingers crossed, it’s priority enough against other things.


+1 on this as well!


+1 I want to be able to switch between different email addresses/accounts on my Android Asana app. See Google’s apps for examples.