Switching Between Multiple Asana Accounts in iOS

+1 going to have to switch away from Asana until this works

+1 … Waiting! :sunny:

+1 but not just for iOS but Android as well. :slight_smile:

Same. One personal and one for work. Definitely expected this to be a possibility. Also would like to have a timeline view for due time. Or be able to focus on a single day via timeline view.


This would be huge to be able to use my mobile device for my work email while at work and then “turn off” work when I am home and just look at my personal tasks.

+1 from me, would love to use Asana for other groups I’m in outside of work, but just discovered you can’t switch between organizations in the app or on destktop. This would be a very welcomed feature

+1 (for Android too)

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Please, for android too

+1 I also want to use two email acounts on my mobile with Android. One for personal freelancer projects and one for huge project where I’m kind of employee and have company email. I cannot merge these - so if Asana will not add this I will quit.

Same. I work for a company where we use Asana + privately I am organizing with friends a running event where we use Asana. I want to switch from accounts (like you can do with Google).

This is critical functionality and it’s obvious that others, like me, have multiple accounts associated with distinct email addresses (out of necessity). I have two professional accounts (both Asana) and one personal account (not Asana). Right now my (lame) solve is using two different browsers for each professional account. This removes the need to log in and out, yet does not help with task consolidation, prioritization, calendaring, communication, document management, etc. If a consolidated, personal view of tasks could be offered with the ability to toggle between accounts (even just the latter would be nice), it’d save me a lot of time, help accelerate my work flow, and would likely incentivize me to leave my personal task/project management software. Without this functionality I’m still working off multiple task lists. As the owner of these two businesses, I’m looking for the software that accommodates this need best. It’s now proving critical for me and the others on my team. The assumption that people work with just one professional email is long past.

I have the same issue.

Also inside my organization we have several emails, noora@123.com/noora@456.com.

Just so not flexible and might cause me to move away from this completely.

+1 need to be able to use two emailadresses to receive app notifications for both my accounts.

I’ve logged in to say I need this functionality as well.

I work for two companies that both use Asana for project management. I’d love a way to switch between accounts easily without having to logout and enter credentials for the other account. I won’t quit Asana without this feature, it’s just annoying.


I agree, this is direly needed

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How is this not a thing yet? It would be beyond useful

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+1. I’m considering migrating my personal work out of Asana because this is such a problem.

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Yes please

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+1 bump

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