Multiple account switching

HI there,

I use Asana all day everyday. Love the product and always telling people about it.

I have multiple accounts, for employment, personal use etc. It would be really helpful if I could switch between accounts easily.
At the moment I need to logout and in for each account.



Go to your profile settings > From email and add your other emails. Once validated, you will be able to switch using the menu available on your avatar :+1:

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Hi Bastien,

Thank you for your reply.

I just had a look at your suggestion and when adding an email address to ‘From Emails’, I am told I can merge accounts. I don’t want to merge, I want to maintain multiple accounts.

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I believe the wording to be inaccurate, @Marie will confirm. In this case, merging is “having access to different accounts with the same interface” and not “merging all projects and tasks into one single account”.


OK, thank you Bastien. The language is not clear in that case.
I will wait for that confirmation, that would cause quite a bit of frustration if merged.

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Thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman! No worries, @David_Harrington I’m happy to bring a bit of clarity here!

This “merge” option ( allows you to access different spaces (Workspaces/Organizations) from a unique account, you will be able to easily switch from one space to the other following these steps:

That said, each of your Organizations/Workspaces will remain completely independent. For example, your colleagues from Organization A will not see that you’re a member of Organization B and vice versa.

Essentially, merging your accounts allows you to maintain different spaces while keeping them completely separate, all from one single account!

Hope this helps, but if you have any follow-up questions, please let me know!


I have added my two email accounts and can toggle between the two independently. However, in my case, I actually do need to have both my accounts truly merged so I have them together in the same workspace. Is this possible?

I am sure if Asana support would do it for you. You can use to move everything from one account to the other, and then add your second email to the first account so you can access it with both emails. Make sense? @Marie can you confirm?

HI @Jeff_Stewart, This might be possible, however I would recommend checking in with our support team who can take a look into your account and provide you with a more tailored answer!

This worked great, thanks for sharing the link!!

Hi there, I followed the guides that @Marie shared previously and they seem to be outdated. The instructions in there are no longer matching to what currently exists in Profile Settings. I’m looking to do what the original question is regarding - add two accounts logged in so I can switch between a company account and additional account but not merging them. Can you please help?


Hello Marie! How can we login into multiple accounts today in Sept 2020. The instructions here are outdated. I have multiple accounts and I’d like to switch between the 2 online and on the app without having to log out and log into them… This a feature that’s common on other apps. I’m so surprised that Asana has not included it. People use this app for multiple organizations or projects. This feature should be added immediately.


Hi @Janey_Tate and @Mariann_Kukielka,

If you’ve multiple spaces tied to your Asana account, you can switch between them by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner of your screen:

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This is not what I see. I use two different emails for my log ins. Below is a pic of what I see when I hit my avatar

In this case, you need to merge your two accounts @Janey_Tate.

You merge your account yourself by following these steps:

  1. Click your profile photo and select Profile Settings
  2. Navigate to the Email Forwarding tab and click + Add New Email
  3. Enter your new email address
  4. Enter your Asana password
  5. Click the Send Verification Email button

Alternatively, you can contact our support team who will be able to manually merge your accounts (please note that this method can take a couple of days).

I’ve gone ahead and filed a task for our team to update this guide article, so it should be soon up to date!

Hope this helps!

Thanks Marie, but I can’t find where to login to multiple workspaces at the same time. Can you please direct me on where to add an additional workspace?


If you already own 2 Asana accounts you need to merge them. See steps i’ve just shared here.

If you want to create a new space (Organisations or Workspace) and tie it up to your existing account, please follow these steps:

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Thanks so much! This helps.

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Thanks so much @Marie - this helps! One thing to note, I did not have Step 5 “Send Verification Email”. At the bottom right hand corner, the only button was “Reauthenticate” but once I clicked that, an error message popped up prompting me to merge the accounts so it worked in the end. Thank you for your help!