Member of one organization (asana) working with a different organization's project (asana)

Hi folks.

We use asana for our Company A and a different Company B that uses Asana wants to add one of our people to one of their projects. What’s the cleanest way to do this… I have only invited guests with no Asana seat to participate in a project, but not people with their own Asana seat outside of our organization.

Company A member needs to work with Company B’s project.

Thanks in advanced!

Hi @Nate_Oliver, thanks for reaching out! If you invite members of Company A to company B, those users will be Guests in company B because they don’t share the same email domain. Guests have currently only access to what you share with them :slight_smile: you can learn more about roles in your Organization in this article: Setting up an organization in Asana | Product guide • Asana

I hope this helps!