Inviting non-organisational members to projects


Hi there,

I have an organisation for which I’ve just set up an Asana account and invited another member. Together we form the core management team. We’re happy for one another to see the full range of projects currently in progress. However, we want to create a project where we invite people outside of the organisation (contractors) to see their tasks and mark them as complete and not have access to any other project. Is there a way of doing this?


Hello @GenericUser!

I do believe this is possible. Add the contractors directly to the project (not to the team). If I remember correctly, there is a prompt asking you how much information will be shared to the contractor. I guess there’s an option for sharing the entire project. :slight_smile:


That’s great @Allen. Worked a treat. Thanks very much.


Just so you know @GenericUser, when you invite people to an organisation that do NOT have your company email address, these people are invited as “guests” and have limited access as well. Whereas “members” who have your company email, can do more. It’s explained more here: