Using an external freelancer to manage one of our projects

I am bringing in an external freelancer to manage one of our organization projects.
Can I set up Asana to give her the capability to assign and manage tasks within her project without giving her visibility or access to other projects within our organization?
Can you point me to a resource where I can learn more about that?
Thank you

Yes, @Mike_Lovell, add her as a project member of that project only and you should be set.

Have a look at:

and then type “guest” into the search box at the top of that page to find more info.

I’m assuming you are in an Asana “Organization” (based on your org’s domain) instead of a Workspace, and then she will be an organization “Guest” (logging in with an email with a different domain, like or other, as opposed to being an organization “Member”.) You can learn more about those in the Guide too.

Hope that helps,



@lpb Larry- Totally- Thank you


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