Organization Guest Invite to another Organization that also uses Asana.

Hello, I have a peculiar “problem” in my company.

We have 25 subscriptions in the Starter version and we have a third-party company providing some services for us that also uses Asana.

As a way of demonstrating the service provided, the third-party company invited some key people from my company to join as guests in a project.

My problem is that my collaborators who were invited to the third-party company’s project are consuming my subscriptions when they create an account with the intention of just consulting the project.

Although I can remove these collaborators from my organization so that they do not consume my licenses, when I remove a collaborator he also loses access to the project he entered as a guest.

Is there any solution for this case or would the only way be for the third-party company to invite my employees only via their personal emails?

Hi @ADM.FUSVE, welcome to the Asana forum, and thank you for flagging the issue.
I’d recommend contacting the support chat to look into your organization-specific matter.