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I’m very new to ASANA (& I love it). I moved from Trello because ASANA now has the board functionality (and all the other amazing stuff not available on Trello. But what I would like to know how to do is share an ASANA board with a non-ASANA user. This is something you can do in Trello - it makes it public. I deliver stress & MH training to organisations & use ASANA to house all the individual bits which then links to extra resources (e.g., rip sheets, questionnaires, video’s). I would like them to be able to ‘have’ the board without necessary joining ASANA because some organisations have/use different project management tools but will still need access to the resources. Basically I don’t want to end up creating a PDF jammed full of hyperlinks to a dropbox…

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There isn’t currently a way to share boards publicly, so anyone you invited to your project would have to create an Asana account. However, we’ve been using workspaces to interact with our contractors. These might work for you too.

In case you’re not familiar with them, workspaces are separate spaces that you can create outside of your organisation, to which you can invite members or guests. I think of them as being like a little mini office sitting on the field next to our main building. They’re great for sharing files, and it’s very easy to control what members or guests can access.

With email notifications, our contractors don’t have to constantly check Asana every day to keep up-to-date. They get an email telling them if we’ve assigned them a task or added an attachment, and they can click on the link to go straight there.

Here’s some more information if you need it:

I hope that’s what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:


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Perhaps this helps you:

Our fellow community member @Bastien_Siebman developed it and some people I know found it quite useful to share Asana projects with non-Asana users.

You can also use Instagantt to share public snapshots of your projects with external people:



Hey @Mark_Hudson - thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for :smiley: & @Sebastian_Paasch that 3 dots thing is going to take it to a whole other level!

Super grateful to you both!

(also apologies for the delay I couldn’t work out how to find the community/post … I have now bookmarked asana community!)

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@Katie_Woodland don’t hesitate to reach out to me about three-dots. We do not have a board layout yet, but I can prioritize this if needed!

Hello - I know that this thread is a few years old, but I’m interested in the same question. Has anyone figured out a way to share a project with non-Asana users? I have multiple people in the company who need to reference our live calendar, but it doesn’t make sense to pay for Asana accounts for each of them when they just need to be able to access a live calendar for reference. The Three-dots link above isn’t working for me. Any other suggestions?


FYI you don’t pay for the guests.

Yes I discontinued the project because of not enough interest from the community :slight_smile:

You currently have 3 solutions:

Does it help?

Screenful supports sharing dashboards with anyone using public links. The person who follows the link has read-only access to the shared data. You can learn more from this blog post Introducing shareable links, easily share a dashboard with anyone! - Screenful Blog

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I now have a working solution to share a project publicly, with a custom design → Share a project publicly - Read only - #7 by Bastien_Siebman

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I have a question.
I am building an online training course.
And I would like to be able to share an Asana project. With anyone that takes the training.
So for example - could I export it to a json file or something? Do a video explanation and provide the asana exported file so they can add it to their asana?

@Joshua_Murdock you can indeed provide the CSV, you can also look at Templana that I created, specifically “Private sections”

Hi This is now available with export a csv or using the Public Sharing Link Read It Here

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