Setting goals (dates) for a task to be moved to another Section

I’m new here so this might be a dumb question. I have a project with a number of tasks set up in Board view. Is it possible to set dates per task that it needs to meet to move to the next Section? Most projects will have about 7 sections so I need to preset 7 dates.

Hi @Ron_Shultz

Just to clarify, do you need to move these task to a new section based on dates? Can you provide us with a little more insights on what you need here?

Looking forward to your reply!

Marie, I’ve just started to use Asana so these might be some dumb questions. I like the Board view. If I have a task in say the first column (section) I’d like to have a due date set so my team knows that by that date this task needs to be moved onto the next column (section). Now I have to set the due date for each section and then reset it when it’s moved to the next section. It’d be nice to set due dates per section.

Is making a task a milestone the only way to set a due date for a Section?

@Ron_Shultz you can set columns as Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. day after Tomorrow… Next Week, Next Month, etc. if you have access to Rules (Business license) you can use the newest Due Date Approaching trigger to shift tasks between columns. Here is the announcement fo this new feature: New triggers for Rules: “Due date is approaching” and “Task is Overdue”

Otherwise, yeah you would have to manually move tasks between columns if the intention was for those to reflect when things are due. A bit tedious. I’d suggest repurposing columns for other purposes and rely on the built in filters to only show tasks due today, this week, next week, etc.

Columns/Sections can be renamed but there is no way to associate them to a hard due date. Milestones are essentially just major points of progress in a project that can be viewed form a Timeline or Portfolio.