Setting custom field values at project level

I have figured out how to create custom fields at the task level, and how to apply those fields to the project level via Portfolios. However, what I’d like to be able to do is create some custom fields at the project level first, and have them automatically populate with the same value for each task. Each task may need different fields vs. the Project overall.

So for example, if your Project is a marketing campaign, the creative brief is really done at the Project level and then each individual marketing team (Digital, PR, etc.) uses that brief to inform their specific tasks. So the target audience and priority level of one campaign/project vs. another, for example, is the same for the project overall as for each task.

My question is: When you create a project, is there a way to fill out values for certain custom fields at the project level first…and have those field values “automatically” populate within each task? So if I create a project called “launch campaign” and set target audience to “priority 1 clients in Americas”, and then I create 10 tasks underneath that project - LinkedIn ads, paid search ads, and media plan, for example - I’d like the target audience for each task to also be “priority 1 clients in Americas” without having to manually put that in. There may be other custom fields that aren’t relevant at the project level and only at the task level, so those would NOT be auto-filled.

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Happy Monday @Kiltie_Colavita and thank you for reaching out!

If you are on a Business or Enterprise Plan, one way to achieve this could be using Rules.

One option could be to set a rule that for every task added to that particular Project you can Update the field “Target audience” and choose the option → “Priority 1 Clientes in Americas”

You can learn more about Rules in our handy Guide article: Rules • Asana

Another workaround could be to multi-select the tasks nested in that Project and edit the field at once (please note that you cannot update task data for more than 50 tasks at once).

I hope this helps @Kiltie_Colavita, but please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

This actually helps a lot - thank you!

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