Set search parameters and sort as default

I would like to customize my search defaults, so I don’t have to set them each. and. every. time. I perform a search.

Advanced Search window - I’d like to set the Completion parameter default to be Incomplete, not Any. 99% of the time I’m only interested in tasks that are still open. I use Asana to manage an annual event, with repeating tasks. I don’t want to see all the instances of past year’s completed tasks.

Search list results, default sort order - I’d like to set this to Due Date, not Last Modified. I want to see all the steps related to my search criteria in order by when they are due, not the last time the task was updated.

Saving a Report does not help me. First, it’s an extra step to access the saved report, which is put at the bottom of the list of reports. Then, the report only maintains the search parameter, it does not maintain the resulting search list sort order.

Any Tips & Tricks to help me?

Hi @GATEway_Coordinator, thanks for reaching out!

I believe you can achieve this saving an advanced search report but I understand it’s not what you are looking for! @lpb, can this type of reports be done using Asana2Go? :slight_smile:

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Hi @GATEway_Coordinator and thanks @emilysinclair,

Asana2Go can’t address these requests directly but using the Interactive Tables report might be of some interest here, and one could save a custom version of it with quick tweaks to adjust the defaults used. More info here: