Separate Organizations



I have used Asana for a while, having been invited into my client’s ‘organization.’ Actually, not sure if it is a paid account, an organization, or a workspace.

I now want to use Asana for my own organization. Whenever I go and create a new project, I have to reassign myself as owner, and then kick out members of my client organization. Then when I go to search, I see in the search bar, the name of my client organization.

I want to change this. I still want to be a member of my client’s project but want to ‘own’ my own workspace. So I want to be the default owner, and I don’t want any default members, but want to control who I invite into the project.

Does that make sense? I could create a new email address and then create an entirely new Asana account. But I don’t want to do that so as not to have email confusion, and then I’d have to log out and log in to see my client’s project. Or is that my best approach?

So basically just trying to figure out how to keep my projects my own, and separate from my client’s project, all from the same email address.




Hi @Eric_Cohen :wave:t3:

Sounds like you were invited as a Guest into your colleagues Organization. You should be able to create your own Organization following these steps; once this is done, you will easily be able to navigate between your colleagues Organization and your own! And if you decide to leave your colleague Organization, it will only take you a few clicks; have a look at this guide article.

Hope this helps; but please let me know if you hava any follow-up qiestions!