Send Approval Tasks outside of Asana users

I am looking for a solution for my team to improve efficiency with Asana and stakeholders outside of our Asana workspace.

Goal: send email or task outside of asana so executives and other stakeholders can easily review a piece of collateral and approve or provide feedback but not create unweildy email chains.

I have looked into integrating Zapier to send an email, or Flowsana to send an email, but I am still unsure how to navigate a streamlined process for the stakeholders to provide approval or submit edits.

I’ve looked into Approval Tasks, but how would that work if trying to send to outside our workspace?

Thanks for the insight.

Hey @Katie_Cook1 welcome to the Asana Community Forum👋

Here was a discussion about this topic as well.

I also agree that it might be best just setting up a specific project per executive and then any approvals add to this project.
In my opinion they should use Asana as then they would also receive the notifications about new approvals as well. And if they want they can even enable Asana email notifications.

Additionally you could set up various rules such as for example once they attended they are removed as follower and the task is removed from their project to avoid creating unnecessary buzz for updates they might not need.

We would prefer not to have them as Members / Seats in Asana as it’s not a company-wide tool, just an internal marketing team tool.

Is there a way to share Approval Tasks outside the org, or would email be the way to go in this case?

At the moment the only interactions possible without a licence are read-only views (to read) and forms (to create tasks).

Hi @Katie_Cook1 , if cost is your concern, you will not pay for guest accounts as they are not considered as payable licenses, as per the post that @Andrea_Mayer referred to above.

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Would they be considered guest accounts if the executives have the same email domain??

No, they would not. Sorry I thought you were talking about external stakeholders who would have a different domain.

Personally, I would convince my executives to buy into Asana and explore the benefits at least for a month’s trial, to essentially test your approvals workflow and see how it works for everyone involved.

An executive not using Asana, when the company requires everyone to do so, is usually the starting point of adoption problems…