Select Multiple Tasks, Assign All to One Person?

I have a board where each column contains tasks that should be assigned to just one person, and as the tasks are completed, they move to a new column and have to be re-assigned to the next person.

Is there a way to select multiple tasks from the board view and mass-assign (or mass re-assign) them to a team member? How do you guys deal with this, or does someone have a better system? I do this for pieces of editorial content (“needs to be edited” [assign to Lucy] “ready for client” [assign to Avery], etc etc)


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According to me, multi selecting tasks in a board is not possible. If you use a list then it’s possible.

Nevertheless, you can use advanced search. Create one to filter all needed tasks in your board project , and you’ll get a list and you can multi-select from there.

Advanced search is a premium feature.



Merci Julien! I have premium, but I didn’t realize the capabilities of advanced search–so that’s what I’ll do now :slight_smile:


HI @Julien_RENAUD , would you be able to help me out?
I can’t seem to find how to select multiple tasks in a List view of a project?

Thanks in advance :hugs:

@AndreanneGaudet please see my response in your previous post: Reopen right task details after selecting multiple tasks - #8 by LEGGO

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Thanks @LEGGO :+1:

And if you hold Ctrl then you can select tasks that are not following each other.

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Yep yep! Cmd (instead of ctrl) if using a Mac, right @Julien_RENAUD?

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I’m not using a Mac then I guess Cmd is right.
Thanks @LEGGO

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Awesome guys. Thank you :raised_hands:

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