Multiple tasks in board view

Hello there!
I would like to know how can I select multiple task in a board layout project? At the same time how do I convert a task in subtask in board layout?


The easiest way to do this is to perform an advanced search for the board project name. This will give you a list view of your board and allow for drag n drop functionality.


Hey @PedroPablo_Leon, Michael from Asana here.

This is a great question! @Jerod_Hillard is actually right on the money too!

At the moment you are unable to select more than one Task at a time in Boards view. Therefore, you’ll need to run an advanced search for Tasks int he Boards Project in question. From there, you can multi-select the Tasks in list view. It may take an extra step or two, however it is a workaround that works until we rollout any future changes that address this need.

Additionally, if you wish to convert a Task (or Subtask) into a Project from a Boards or List Project, simply click into the Task/Subtask, click the ellipses (…) for the Task’s options & select “Convert to Project”. I’ve included a screenshot of the options, which I’ve included below:

Hope this helps- let me know if you have any additional questions in the mean time!

Thank you, but how about nest an entire project into a task?

Hi @PedroPablo_Leon! Quick update; you can now multiselect tasks in your Board projects! Have a look here for more details!