Multi-select in Boards

Hi mates,

due to the new “hide complete tasks” in Boards, we want to delete the “DONE” column, but we need to empty the column first. We have MANY tasks to delete. So, can we multi-select tasks to delete them at once?

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Hi @Jordi_Ibero. At this time there is not a way to multi select tasks in Boards, but the feature is on our product roadmap. :slight_smile:


@Jordi_Ibero, if it’s helpful for you, you can run an Advanced Search for all Tasks in your Boards Project that are “Completed”. When you run that search, you’ll get a list of all your Completed Tasks, and from there you can multi-select and perform a bulk action. More on that action here:

We don’t usually recommend deleting Tasks, however, as they can be a system of record about conversations and work that may be helpful to reference in the future. In this case, I might consider multi-selecting and moving the Tasks out of the Board Project (into another Project). From there, delete the column and then move the Tasks back, if needed. More on that action here:


Thanks! Great workaround.
I have some boards that are quite extensive and getting cumbersome. I needed to move them to a list project. I was moving them 1 task at a time until you brought up search.
I used advance search and put in the project and was able to select every task at one time. I added them to my new list project and shabam, life is good again.


Hey! How is this feature coming along? I know it may not be many people that want it, for what it’s worth this user does too and am curious when we can expect to see it out.


Me too, I wanted to really try and use Boards, but find the limiting functionality always sends me back to List views.

Don’t forget to vote, folks! You can vote for this feature at the top of the thread.

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It would be great if it was possible to select multiple tasks in Board view. Otherwise, it is not possible to Tag or delete multiple tasks at once.


I’m having the same issue. With a board system, your tasks usually end up in a “Completed” column. That’s great and all, but we still want to mark tasks in that column as “Complete” so that they don’t show up on the board and our overall project status continues to update.

However, without some way of mass selecting, it’s a nightmare to open up each task, click on the checkmark, then close the task. =/

You have a plan to implement this feature on your product roadmap, but no work for 8 months?


I have created a similar topic for this feature - but with a bit of additional information: Board View: Send to Top/Bottom, Select Multiple

Can we have an update on where this is on the roadmap? It sounds like this was close to being worked on 8 months ago, but this is still not working today.

Feature Requests:

  • Select Multiple
  • Send to Top
  • Send to Bottom

Thanks Sara, this answer has been VERY useful to me!

Wanted to add a +1 for this feature - would like to multi-select notes so that I can mark all of today’s tasks as “complete” at the same time. Thank you!

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Any news about this?

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In Trello have some options in the column’s head: “Move all card from this list to…” and “Archive all card from this list”. It’s a very simple and useful function for this I think…

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+1 for multiselect on boards. This was a commonly used feature when we used Jira, most often used by the project manager to keep everything clean and move unfinished tasks over to a new sprint durring sprint planning. also would +1 for the feature mentioned above regarding “send to top/ send to bottom” of a column, again very useful to help define which tickets are the most pressing to work on.


@Alexis @Sara Any updates here? It seems to be one of the most popular requests, has been on the roadmap for about a year and has had no updates from Asana staff for about 6 months.

This feature would help a great deal in not feeling like Asana treats boards as a second-class citizen.

@Sara Is there a possible workaround to use multi-select? I would like to sum up the custom field “estimated hours” per board column. Otherwise I need to use lists. Both rather sub-optimal.

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Hello! This feature is very important! @Alexis

What’s the latest. This is so frustrating. I’ve literally spent forever changing our project workflow to use boards. The most critical information is the section/lane in those boards, which used to be stored in a custom field.

I need to total our story points per lane/column or I have no way of planning sprints

What’s even worse is I tried to do a work around, and use the advanced search, but the advanced search only permits me to fitler by project, not by lane/column/section within the project, so that’s no good either.

The only option I can think of new is to create a new “status” custom field which replicates each column on the board, and each time I move a task across in to a new column update the status too. I can then do an advanced search in that project, and filter by status.

But god that’s an untidy workaround! And I don;t think I can get everyone to constantly update status AND column. In fact at that point I might as well revert to the workflow I’ve spent ages migrating away from just to use columns!!!

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