Multi-select in boards


Is there an update on the status of this feature?


Would love this too - been patiently waiting!!!


vote +1 for feature


This is an incredibly important feature when using templates for projects under Asana’s current configuration limitations

So, it is quite frustrating to come to these boards and find the community is clamoring for help and updates; but then receives none. Sad.

As it stands, we are scrambling to figure ways to work around limitations on basic elements in Asana. For example, we are trying to create pools of tasks (notes, sub-tasks, custom fields, etc) for templates to assign out on projects based on phases or milestones - because there is no clean way to import tasks due to limitations with CSV import (no sub-tasks, and limited fields) and the inability (still) to add a template to an existing project. So, we can easily have multiple tasks that need to be added at once to the queue when a milestone, phase, etc occurs. The inability to select multiple tasks at once on boards hampers our productivity, and frankly, makes us continue to explore other options. Some of these features are not difficult to implement, and should already be addressed. So, too, should the ability to switch between lists and boards.

Would someone from Asana please respond and provide an update. Your community deserves it.


maybe, an option in advanced search to filter by column (and project). So, we can find all task, and mark them as completed


When will it be done?


Hi all! I’m delighted to announce that you can now multi-select cards in your Board projects to move multiple tasks across columns in one go. Simply hold your “Cmd/Ctrl” key and click on cards to select them.

As it stands, multi-selecting doesn’t allow you to take other actions (such as deleting tasks or updating due dates), but we’re getting closer! Thanks for your patience and for supporting this feature request!

Happy Monday!

In board view, select multiple tasks not working
Multiple tasks in board view

I see than in Board view some useful functionalities of Asana are not working.
Another one is the MultiSelect of Tasks. You can try the shortcuts and experience how it does not work. It´s very frustrating when you are only interested in KanBan/Board view.


Hi @JoseJuan! Merging your post with Multi-select in boards as they are both very similar. Note that you can now multiselect cards in your Board projects; more details in the post itself :slight_smile:


I see we can multi-select. Beyond dragging things around what functionality is available? Can we tag? Adjust dates (See that mentioned as coming)? Etc.? Anything?! This is really needed. Help


@Mike_Myers I haven’t found anything beyond what they’ve stated of moving tasks.