pull all tasks assigned to one user into a project

Hi everyone - I’m sure this can be done, but it escapes me at the moment… I’d like to have a single project that pulls together all tasks that are assigned to one particular person in my organization.

Reports are useful, but I’m hoping to basically multihome any tasks for that one person into one single view. Is there a way to do this using Rules? Or will I need to actually multihome each task individually (or in a batch using the report function)?

Hello @TheAnswerLady, have you considered using the advanced search and then saving the search result link?

Or you can also see people‘s tasks by clicking on their name when they are commenting in a task or are mentioned somewhere for example.

People can also share their „my tasks“ with you as explained here.

Thank you! Yes, reports are good but essentially our Leadership would like to have a single project where all managerial tasks will flow. For now I have been running reports and then multi-homing their tasks into the Leadership project but I’m hoping that there’s an easier way to automate this going forward.

The only option that I can think of at the moment is within every project template to create a rule that says “IF assigned to name THEN also add to Leadership Project” but that doesn’t seem very efficient since we use about 20 different project templates.


The easiest way to do this is via one rule in the one person’s My Tasks:



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