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I have a template project (Project T) that multi-homes some tasks to a second project (Project B). In Project B, my template tasks from Project T are kept in a section titled “Template Tasks (Do Not Modify).”

After initiating a new project (Project A) using the template, all the tasks multi-homed to Project B automatically route to Project B’s “Template Tasks (Do not modify)” section. I tried creating a rule: when new task is added to Project B → move task to certain section (ie, “Upcoming work”), but the rule doesn’t seem to work, as my newly added tasks to Project B never move to the “Upcoming Work” section.

How can I fix this?

Hello @Meagan_Eldridge

That does not sound right. The guide says that this feature should work:

Have you tried adding a new random task to project B not using any template and seeing if the rule works?

If the rule is triggered, then it is worth on looking at the set up of the project template itself as a starting point.

I added a task directly to Project B, and the rule was triggered (ie, task moved to appropriate section). Do you have ideas for what may be causing tasks multi-homed from projects based on the template to escape the rule?


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Hey @Meagan_Eldridge

Not really. This would require further looking into it. I only found this on the guide related to the permissions. worth having a read to make sure none applies to you:

Permissions: A few considerations

  • Only the owner of a Rule can edit or delete a Rule.
  • If the Project Owner is a Limited Access Member, they cannot edit a rule, they can only pause or activate it.
  • You can only set up Rules on projects you have full edit access to. If you only have permission to comment on a project, your Rule will be paused. To re-activate, you must have full edit access to the project, then you can re-activate from the edit view.
  • You can only set Rules to operate on things you have access to. If you do not have access to a project, you cannot have a Rule that multi-homes tasks into that project.

Otherwise, perhaps contact support - Asana Support - Help Center • Asana scroll to the bottom for ‘Let’s Talk’.

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Rules don’t fire as the result of other rules, so I suppose it may be the case that they also don’t fire as the result of tasks being created from a create-new-project activity.

@Marie @Emily_Roman what do you think - is that what’s happening here, perhaps?


I think you’re right @Phil_Seeman :+1:

Any thoughts @Emily_Roman ?

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I’m not sure (I don’t think I can fully conjure your situation from the info provided), but maybe this is coming into play:

In case that helps,


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Thanks for the replies. The new project (Project A) I created from a template project (Project T) is not itself a template. Project B, the project to which I am multi-homing the task from Project A, is also not a template.

Asana support has suggested the rule-based routing issue may be a bug. I am waiting to hear more details.