Rule add task to an additional project is not working

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: I’ve set a rule for which every task moving to a certain section of a project is copied to another project. For some reason this rule is not working, even if it’s active.

Steps to reproduce: Move a task to the “Prod triaging” section in “New Prospects Onboarding” project. Wait for the rule to work (copy the task into “Prospects OB - Action Items” in “Quality” project)

Browser version: 90.0.4430.212

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Alessandra_Di_Ronza, thanks for flagging this!

This Rule will only run on tasks that have been moved to the “Prod triaging” section, after the Rule was set up - it will not run on tasks that were in this section prior to the Rule being available.

Can you confirm if the tasks which are not moving were already in this section or if you are adding them to the section since the Rule was created?

Looking forward to hearing back from you :slight_smile:

Hi Rebecca,

thank you for your kind reply. Yes, I flagged the bug because I realised that some tasks, which have been moved to the section after the rule activation, had not been copied in the “Quality” project.

I also thought that it could be because the triggering project is set as private. Do you think that this could be a reason?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Alessandra_Di_Ronza, thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile: The project being private shouldn’t affect the rule triggering.

In this case, I’d go ahead and reach out to our Support team by following the steps below with the URL links to some tasks that are not being moved by the rule as you would expect.

The Support team have access to additional tools that we don’t have here on the Community team to be able to assist you further :slight_smile:

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