Searching for Archived Projects

I created and saved an advanced search to find all projects with a milestone, then view as a calendar. This search returns both archived and unarchived projects, which is what I want.

Now I need to get narrower results so I’ve tried creating a new advanced search, still using a milestone filter but also filtering by either tags or custom fields. Neither will return archived projects. So I’ve tried recreating my original search without the tag or custom field filters … just with the milestone filter. It won’t find archived projects. The original saved search still will. But creating a new search and PRECISELY mimicking the criteria of the old saved search will not. Why are 2 exactly the same searches producing different results?

Hey @Glenn_Huffman,
as far as I know advanced search will always include all projects (including archived ones). Here is a feedback request thread in case you ever wish to be able to exclude them.

And archived projects also have some of tags or custom fields right?

This seems very strange to me and should definitely not happen if the search is 1:1 the same.

Maybe we can assist further if you can share some screenshots of the search filter you created.
However the best way is probably reaching out to Asana support. When you do so it will help them also if you attach screenshots or even better a video showing them the difference in your saved search results and the exact same filter you created that does not seem to show all tasks.

The difference in the search results could be due to the different search settings used in the saved search and the newly created search. In Asana, it’s possible that the saved search has different filter criteria or display options than the newly created search, which could be causing the difference in results. To resolve this issue, double check the filter criteria and display options in both saved and newly created searches and make sure they are exactly the same. If the issue persists, try clearing your Asana cache or contact Asana support for further assistance.

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