Searches and dashboards have odd behaviors related to tasks that are in multiple projects

We do a lot of cross-function work in my organization and use the feature where the same task is assigned to multiple projects on different teams as well as in a project that aggregates action items in a kanban board.

If I run an advanced search for a custom field and sort by project, the same task will show up in all the projects it’s associated with. Which makes sense. However, if I filter out the kanaban project, any tasks in that kanban board will NOT appear in any of the other projects in the search. Eg a marketing task that is also on the kanaban board will disappear from other projects when I filter out the kanbana board.

In dashboard reports, a chart that pulls in tasks from a team by project, will behave similarly - If I filter out a project, tasks from that project are in other projects will disappear from those projects.

Also in Dashboard report, a chart that pulls task from a team by project will pull in projects from other teams IF task as shared into those projects - but I don’t want to see those other team projects, and if I filter them out, then the tasks are hidden in all other projects as well.

I’m stumped on why this behavior exists and if/how to make a workaround other than not having task in more than one project.


Hi @Barak_Bruerd, thanks for reaching out and reporting this issue! This seems odd and I don’t think it’s working as expected. Our support team will be in a better position to help you solve this issue and find the root cause of the problem. Could you reach out to them and share the following information?

  • URL of the task that is multi-homed in two project and that doesn’t appear in the search when you filter your project in Board view
  • URL of this thread so you don’t need to share the same information twice

You can contact them following these steps: How to contact our Support Team ✉

Hope this helps and the issue is solved soon!

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