Dashboard: Include Everything that is on the Project but not subtasks that are not on the Project

My team works on tasks and subtasks, and everything they work on is on my sprint board. I’m trying to pull analyses on their accomplishments this year and want to see all tasks or subtasks that are associated with the project on the dashboard. I don’t want to see any subtasks that are not in my project.

When I choose “Don’t show subtasks” on the Subtask filter, it excludes subtasks not on the project (GOOD) but it also excludes any subtasks that are on the project (BAD).

If I choose “Only show subtasks,” it includes subtasks not on the project (BAD) and excludes tasks on the project (BAD).

If I don’t use that filter whatsoever, it includes tasks and subtasks on the project (GOOD) but also includes subtasks not on the project (BAD).

I tried filtering to only include assignees on my team, but I’m unable to include counts for anyone who has left the team and to exclude everyone else is not sustainable.

For now, I’m leaving the filter blank but would be great to have a way to report on everything in the project, no matter if it is a task or a subtask, and exclude things that are not in the project.

Do you mean a subtask of a task in the current project that is also multi-homed into another project? I don’t understand how a subtask that is counted shouldn’t in your case…

I’m going off the principle that “subtasks don’t inherit the project.” If this is still the case, then the subtask is technically not part of the project, and therefore, in this particular instance, I don’t want that to be counted in my reports.

I originally thought that the “don’t show subtasks” filter meant “exclude subtasks of tasks in the project” but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Eg. in a multi-tiered task hierarchy (A > B > C) where B is in the project, this task won’t show up using this filter bc B itself is a subtask of A.

Essentially, I’m looking for a way to report on only the tasks on the project, irrespective of where in the task hierarchy it sits.

Then if you don’t add any filter on subtask, I believe it would include A & B (but probably not C, not sure though ).

I can confirm that having no filter on subtask includes C level tasks in reporting, despite C subtasks not being on the project.

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