Dashboard: Don't exclude task when subtask in another project

Hi everyone!

We have run into trouble with the dashboard and reporting filter to include or exclude subtasks strictly by general task type.

Our use case is an overarching project where items from multiple different projects get sent through process stages, picture KANBAN columns. Some of the items are subtasks (as in user stories) of bigger epics in their respective “home” projects — but get assigned as main tasks to the process board in question. Because here they are the decisive packages of work in progress.

Now, “exclude subtasks” will hide them from the item count on the project dashboard.

“Include subtasks” won’t work consistently either, because as it happens, some tasks on the board carry subtasks of their own. Not as work items on that third level, but as checklists with conditions of satisfactions for testers to check off.

Is there a way for me to go filtering “exclude tasks which are subtasks here on this project”?

Anybody got an idea? Advice much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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