Search for tasks by project due date

Trying to create a workflow where someone can save a search which shows the tasks that need to be done for any projects due in the next 3 months. Is there a way to do this without setting due dates on all of the individual tasks, or a way to sync up the task due dates with the project due date? We have about 35 tasks per project and we don’t want to have to manually set and change due dates on every task every time we move around our overall project delivery dates.

At the moment the search and dashboards can’t combine filter criteria on both tasks and projects… @ambforumleader any idea?

Do you happen to know of any app addons that’ll help with what I’m trying to do? The alternative might be to dust off my python skills and start up an AWS account just to run an API script that ‘applies project due date to associated tasks every 5 seconds’ or something. Which is also incredibly inefficient and I don’t even know if Asana would allow that amount of constant API calls…

Ideally, all your tasks would be properly dependent on each other, and a date change could be propagated. To be honest I have never seen anyone ask this question, and we’ve worked with a lot of clients… Got me wondering how others are doing it. I guess we change dates a lot…

Flowsana has a date shifter mechanism that could help.

@AaronM - Following up on your question here to see if I can help you solve it.
My team built a tool called “” that does a lot of things like this, but not this exactly. If I can understand what you’re asking for, we may add it as a feature.

So, for background, that functionality for Supersana falls under one of our feature groups called “:zap:Project Quick-Actions”

We built the reverse of what you’re asking, where the project date range can be auto-updated based on the tasks in the project. The feature is called “Super-date range for projects”. This feature is being released on October 26th (or sooner). V1 will be a button to fully update the date range of the project. V2, scheduled for this December, will allow you to choose to have the project date ranges update automatically.

But I think you are asking the reverse of this, right? You want to update the project date range and have that automatically update all the task dates, right?

A few questions to make sure I fully understand:

  • If you change the project due date, do you want all incomplete tasks to be moved, whether sooner or later, to be aligned with that project end date, based on task dependencies? Meaning… if you have 5 remaining tasks, and they each have due date ranges of 2 days, and they all have sequential dependencies, you want the last task to be due on the project due date and then backdate from there. Is that correct?
  • If any of these tasks are multi-homed to other projects with dependent tasks in those other projects, should the change affect those dates as well?
  • And, for the above questions, will your preferences always be the same, or will you need to be able to opt in / opt out of these date adjustments on a per project or a per date change basis?