Search by Section - with additional criteria

Many people have complained about Sections not showing up in a search when searching by project but I have a different request: to be able to “Search By Section” so only tasks in that section will show in the search results.

This is how it used to work as shown in this 2014 article: “A new way to search your tasks” here:

The reason I need this:

I need to be able to search for incomplete subtasks with completed parent tasks.

Parent tasks that have been completed are moved to a “COMPLETED” section, even though they still might have incomplete subtasks.

The only two ways to find incomplete subtasks with completed parents would be either as mentioned above (with the ability to search by section) OR with the ability to have multiple criteria in the advanced search, so for example, if I were able to search for: (subtasks only) AND (parent task is complete) but this multi-criteria doesn’t exist either to my knowledge.

Hi @Zvi_Twersky, thanks for reaching out!

We have a similar thread and there is a way to search for tasks in a particular section:

You can then try adding to search only for subtasks:

Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 14.35.09

I hope this helps! Let me know if this is not what you are trying to achieve!

If this would work, it’s actually exactly what I need! However, it’s only working for tasks, not subtasks.

Note: Any search for Subtasks works fine when not combined with any other “special” filter or adding a section.

So, for example, these searches will work fine with subtasks and display the desired results:
SEARCH: Tasks, [Add Filter= Subtasks only]
SEARCH: Tasks, Assigned to=A, [Add Filter= Subtasks only]

The following will NOT work. Here are a few tests to recreate the issue: (additional filters are in [brackets])

SEARCH: Tasks, [Subtasks Only], [In Projects=A][Section=B]
EXPECTED RESULTS: Find all subtasks only in one specific section.
ACTUAL RESULT: “Nothing matches your search”

SEARCH: Tasks, [Subtasks Only], [NOT in These Projects=A][Section=B]
EXPECTED RESULTS: Find all subtasks but excluding from one specific section.
ACTUAL RESULT: Displays ALL subtasks, even in the section you wanted to exclude.