Advanced Search not finding results

As you can see in the screenshot below, there are two tasks under section “WORK-FINISHED” with uncompleted subtasks called “SEND TIFS.” I am trying to create an advanced search that will find these uncompleted subtasks. I attached my search parameters below which result in " Hmm… nothing matches your search." Can someone please tell me why the advanced search is not finding these two incomplete subtasks? (In #2, I also tried “Tasks” instead of “All” but still don’t get results.)


My guess is that because subtasks don’t belong to the project, they really don’t technically belong to the section. So that is intended behavior. Even if you ask to see subtasks, they don’t belong under a section. Unless you multi-home them into the project itself.

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Yes, if I take off the “In Projects” then it finds them all, but it’s also finding ones in sections “NEW WORK” and “IN PROGRESS” which I don’t want to find. I can’t multi-home these subtasks into the project itself because then they appear as an additional task in the work queue, which wouldn’t make sense. So how can I search for subtasks that have not been completed and that their parent tasks are in a certain section?

Not possible at the moment. Someone could build a tool or dashboard to get your that info, but the Advanced Search can’t I believe (@Jerod_Hillard am I right?)