Scrolling through project

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All of a sudden, I can’t scroll through an entire project. The scroll bar on the side only goes down through a couple of tasks…

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Microsoft Edge
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Same issue to report.

I updated Asana this morning and can no longer scroll to the bottom of my tasks or within a specific task (e.g., I can’t access the comment section at the bottom of a task).

Browser: Firefox

Same here - the comment section is not accessible. Very frustrating!

Yes, having the same issue. Cannot find any other way to report this to Asana.

@Marie @Natalia I notice a lot of scrolling bug reports in this and several other threads. Some date back to February, but it looks like a big rash of reports in the last 24 hours, so perhaps you could have a look?

Scroll Bar not present cannot scroll up and down through projects

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Hi Marie, I wasn’t able to record the issue but I’m experiencing the same problem. The top arrow of the scroll bar on the right hand side of the screen appears but the bottom arrow does not. Using a mouse to scroll only allows you to scroll down an additional line (depending on the view size). I can minimize the view so that the scroll bar is no longer needed but since there are so many lines in a given project this makes the tasks really hard to read. It does render the tool really hard to use. Any thoughts? Thanks!

As of today 03/30/2020, I no longer can use the scroll bar to view all sections. I can click on one task and arrow down to view all missing sections but then I lose the top portion to add a task, add a milestone, add selection. Please help

Please help, I have the same issue

I’m having exactly the same situation as Dayana. Mine started today (31/3/2020).

Hi @Dayana_Silva, @Aleina_Humphreys and @Ash_Taylor

Are you able to reproduce this behaviour with a private/incognito window?

can you confirm what browse you’re using?

I’ve gone ahead and file a bug for our team to investigate. For those who haven’t yet, could you let us know what browser you’re using as well as its version? Many thanks!

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing: The scroll bar on the right side of the screen is not working.

Steps to reproduce: Go to any product page and try scrolling down.

Browser version: Firefox

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Marie,

I can confirm that I had the same issue in a private window. I’m using FireFox.

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It looks like Google Chrome and Safari aren’t affected (or at least we haven’t received any reports yet!), so if you have a chance I would recommend switching to one of these browsers until we find push a fix for Edge and Safari!

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I’m in Chrome, scrolling is and has been working fine.

Hi Marie, our teams are using Edge. I’ve also tried Internet Explorer. We are not allowed to use other browsers so this is an issue. Interestingly, some team-members do not seem to be experiencing this issue but others are. I’m not sure what the different is.

Do you have a timeline for providing a fix? It’s significantly impacting my ability to use the tool and it’s become our main PM tool. Thanks!

Same issue. Unable to scroll in “main page” section of project when in list view mode using mousepad or external wireless mouse. I am able to move down and up main page with arrow keys provided I click on a project heading or task first. However this takes away the topbar if you move down more than one screen height and I cannot get topbar back - have to reopen project from sidebar. Scrolling with mouse still works on sidebar and in other view modes (ie timeline, calendar).
Browser: Microsoft Edge

Sorry, brower version is Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0

Update: have logged out and relaunched ASANA this morning and capacity to scroll has returned.

Hi all, it looks like this bug was related to 🔎 We’re extending the new grid display to the Search view! - #9 by Cindi_Delany, so we’ve decided to temporarily roll back this update which instantly fixed the issue. Our team is currently working on a long-term fix, which should be pushed shortly, but in the meantime thank you so much for taking the to report this issue and for your patience while we worked on a solution, we really appreciate it!